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What are the different types of Dental Bone Graft? 1 year ago

Since you have bone loss due to tooth loss or gum disease, you will have to go through dental bone graft treatment. It is a small procedure you can get recovered in a few weeks. But it can take some months for the bone to completely grow back.  If you have jaw bone issues you should consult an affordable dentist near me to get bone grafting. Maybe you feel scared before the procedure but is a great way to get your dental health on track.

 A dental bone graft is comparatively a minor procedure than others. Houston Uptown Dentist will make a cut to expose the bone of the jaw and propagate new bone material to it so that you can create new bone cells surrounding the grafted material that will further help to build up bone in the desired right position.



Types of Dental Bone Grafting



Block Bone Graft


In this kind of bone graft, your dentist at Dental Offices in houston texas will use bone from the back of your jawbone, near your wisdom teeth. It will be a good option in the case of serious bone loss.


Socket Graft


In this type of bone graft, the time of procedure is similar to the tooth extraction. This method prevents bone loss, generally in the case of an adult’s bone loss. your body is not capable to produce new teeth if you have lost the permanent one. The socket graft keeps your jaw ready for the dental implants and you can get a replacement for missing teeth.


Sinus Lift


The method is useful if you have lost some of the molars from the upper row of teeth.

Some fraction of the sinus may actually start to reach down to fill in the gap left by the teeth. A sinus lift restores the sinus to normal when it is repairing the gap with a bone graft instead.


Bone Grafting Procedure at dental offices


The procedure of bone graft is associated with a dental implant as it starts by taking out the old tooth. Then, the professionals will do a bone graft. After the graft, there is a stable base for the new upcoming new tooth.  

Mostly bone grafting is done with the help of bone from your body that may be taken from the back of the jawbone, or any other part of the body. Then, the dentist at affordable dental, will sanitize the bone so that it will be safe to use. The option of bone grafting is preferable as the patients won’t need a second surgical cut to get bone.

Once the treatment is done you will have to wait perhaps for some months before dental implants because it takes time for your bone-in to develop new bone surrounding the graft so that the dental implant can stay in its place.


The surgery usually completes in less than two hours. It may be possible that you feel some pain after the bone graft completion. However, the pain is not severe, you can manage it with an ice pack and prescribed medicines to get swelling down if it is there.  


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