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What Are The Stages Of Root Canal Treatment? May 2, 2022

We consider you an individual about to get a root canal treatment in Houston if you read this article. The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove bacteria from the infected root canal to avoid reinfection and save the tooth.


After removing the inflammatory or infected pulp, your Houston uptown dentists will clean the inside of the tooth before filling and sealing. Root canal surgery is painless, fast, and has an 86 percent success rate. The root canal procedure has four stages in the complete process. In this article, we have mentioned a detailed description of the root canal stages step by step, which might help you in future treatment.

Stage 1: Diagnosing the Infected Area.

Pulp is a soft material that fills the soft interior of your tooth. The pulp inside your tooth becomes infected, which demands root canal treatment. When patients have a toothache, they usually visit their general dental offices in Houston. After ruling out any additional problems, the general dentist will refer the patient to a specialist for further assessment. The general dentist will refer patients suffering from precise dental illness to a specialist. The dental specialist uses more advanced technology to comprehend the situation entirely.


An endodontist will use digital imaging and digital x-rays to determine whether the tooth requires root canal treatment.

Stage 2: Removing the Infected Pulp.

In this stage of root canal treatment, the endodontist drills a small incision in the top of the tooth to remove the diseased pulp inside. The endodontist cleans out the root canals with surgical tools to eliminate an infection. After this procedure, the root canals are cleaned and no longer infected.

Stage 3: A New Root Canal Placement.

After removing the infected pulp, your endodontist will place a new root filler in the chamber that initially housed the infected pulp. The area is sealed with glue to protect the new root filler from bacteria and saliva.


The best dentist Houston, may need to enlarge the root canal to clean out the infection during stage two of a root canal treatment. If this is the case, the tooth will require a rod or another strengthening procedure. A temporary filling will be placed right after the new root is placed over the opening at the top of the tooth.

Stage 4: Restoration.

The patient must schedule an appointment with a restorative dentist to remove the temporary filling after a few weeks. You can search on the internet for an affordable dentist in Houston and get several results from an affordable dentist nearby. The restorative dentist will establish a crown over the treated tooth to restore its strength to pre-infection levels. The seal that the restorative dentist employs to fix the tooth will also prevent it from infection in the future.

What is the recovery time of a root canal?

Root canal recovery time usually takes less than a week. Mild soreness may last for a few days, but medication priced by a dentist might alleviate it. Visits your dental specialist if you have significant pain or discomfort that lasts more than a week.


We hope you liked this article, and now you have a comprehensive piece of information regarding root canal procedure stages. It is always essential to know everything about the treatment you're getting. Suppose you are searching for a dentist for future treatment. In that case, you can visit urban dental Houston midtown by visiting our website.


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