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What Does A Dental Bridge Appear Like? Dec 17, 2022

A dentist near me uses a dental bridge to replace single or multiple missing teeth with artificial (false) teeth if there are one or more gaps in your smile. The crowns support the pontic (fake tooth) on either side of the missing or fallen tooth or teeth, and a bridge is often constructed of these crowns and secured in place.


According to a walk in dentist near me, regular dental bridges have the following characteristics:


  • Abutment teeth: A dentist covers the teeth on either side of the gap with two crowns. You may have dental implants or natural teeth as these anchoring or supporting teeth.


  • Pontics: This fake tooth (or teeth) fills the space and is attached to the crowns.


What occurs during the process of a traditional dental bridge?


Typically, you'll require at least two appointments:


  • Preparation of the abutment teeth: During your initial visit, your doctor will reshape the abutment teeth. They will remove some of the enamel and dentin to make way for the crown.


  • Impressions: Your emergency dentist near me takes digital scans of your teeth or takes images of them. Your bridge, fake teeth, and crowns are all made in a dental laboratory using the mold or scan as a model. While the lab makes your bridge, you will have a temporary bridge to cover the exposed parts in your mouth.


  • Placement of the permanent bridge: During your second visit, dentists near me open Saturday will replace the temporary bridge with the new one. To ensure that the bridge fits you comfortably, your provider will thoroughly inspect it and make any necessary modifications.


When do they use the implant-supported bridges?


To use an implant-supported bridge, you must have surgery to install the implants in your jawbone and then recover. The amount of time required for an implant-supported bridge to heal varies depending on where they position the implants in your mouth and whether more jawbone growth is necessary to support the implants.


Until your subsequent operation, when a 24 hour dentist near me places the permanent bridge over the implants, you can be given a temporary bridge to wear. Due to the small gum incisions required for this treatment, recovery takes longer than other types of bridges.


What advantages do dental bridges have?


Dental bridges can offer several advantages, such as:


  • Creating a natural-looking smile and mouth


  • Regaining regular speech, as speaking when missing teeth, can make words difficult to pronounce


  • Preserving the density of a jaw bone where the missing tooth or teeth are by avoiding bone loss there


  • Facilitating better meal chewing


How to make a dental bridge last long?


Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial if you have a dental bridge because you want to keep your natural teeth clean, strong, and healthy. Maintaining proper dental health is crucial if you like your bridge to last long. You need to brush and floss your dental bridge at least twice a day, just like you would your natural teeth.


They will show you how to properly floss and clean the area surrounding your bridge by your dentist or dental hygienist. Additionally crucial is maintaining regular dental checkups and cleaning appointments with your dentist.




The above-given details tell us about dental bridges, and it highlights the critical aspects and details regarding dental bridges. For more beneficial information, please visit

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