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What Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Do For Our Teeth? Jul 13, 2022

It isn't complex to understand the appeal of teeth whitening. After all, who would not want a brighter and whiter smile. But without understanding the benefits and disadvantages of teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening Houston is a standard and popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. 


It involves whitening or bleaching agents to make your teeth appear whiter and brighter. Urban dental Houston uptown can perform teeth whitening in the dentist's office, or you can choose at-home teeth whitening agents such as strips and gels. 

How often should I whiten my teeth? 

Too much whitening increases the risk of harmful side effects like tooth sensitivity and tooth enamel and gums damage. However, no official guideline shows how often you can whiten teeth safely. That's why it's crucial to seek the advice of a dentist open Saturday Houston and always follow the product instructions. One month after the procedure, some people notice that the whiteness begins to fade. In contrast, others can go a year without needing another whitening treatment.

When to avoid teeth whitening?

Whitening or bleaching your teeth does have cosmetic benefits, but this procedure isn't for everybody. Teeth whitening can often be expensive as dental insurance does not cover its cost. Teeth whitening doesn't work on all types of tooth discolorations. Dentist midtown Houston notes that whitening or bleaching agents aren't effective on dental veneers.


It also doesn't work on other restorations like fillings, caps, and crowns. Whitening agents won't work on severe discolorations like grey and brown due to any injury or medications. It is essential to consult with your dentist before spending money and time on teeth whitening products. 

Is teeth whitening procedure safe?

Teeth whitening products and procedure is safe for you if you follow the manual's instructions. Whitening products include toothpaste, whitening rinses, tray-based whiteners, gels, strips, and in-office whitening treatment. The Houston uptown dentists recommend teeth whitening by a dental care provider to reduce the possibility of risks and maximize the teeth whitening results. Dentists also recommend teeth whitening only after consulting with a dentist to ensure it's suitable for you. 

What are the pros of getting teeth whitening treatment?

The advantages of teeth whitening are primarily aesthetic. According to dental specialists, friendly smiles make people of the opposite sex more appealing, and unpleasant smiles make it challenging to get a job. Another essential benefit of teeth whitening is the boost in confidence that comes with a brighter smile. 

What are the potential drawbacks and side effects of teeth whitening treatment? 


Teeth whitening can cause several risks and side effects. Gum irritation and sensitive teeth are some of the most common. However, dental specialists note that ill-fitting trays often cause gum irritation. Sensitivity and gum irritation usually disappear one to three days after completing the procedure. Potent bleaching agents can cause a burning sensation in the throat, soft tissue burns, and an upset stomach. 


The above information gives us some valuable knowledge about teeth whitening treatment. The above article highlights the benefits, side effects, uses, and other important aspects of teeth whitening. For more information regarding teeth whitening, please check out

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