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What Exactly Is Laser Gum Surgery In Dentistry? Jul 5, 2022

Laser gum surgery has become more prevalent in recent years for treating mild to severe gum disease. A laser is an amplification of light through the stimulated emission of radiation. After a typical scaling and root planning procedure, Orthodontists Houston may recommend laser surgery as an additional step. They might suggest laser gum surgery instead of non-laser procedures like gum flap surgery. Other dental procedures may also benefit from laser gum surgery. 


Gum contouring, for example, is used to correct a gummy smile for cosmetic purposes. Experts treat many dental diseases, including gum disease using laser gum surgery, which is safe and effective. In some cases, laser gum surgery Houston may provide a minor advantage over standard treatments. If you choose to have this operation, you must go to a skilled periodontist to operate with lasers.

How effectively goes laser gum surgery work?

According to orthodontist Houston tx, lasers involve tubes that use pinpointed, powerful light beams of thermal energy to perform numerous tasks during gum surgery. Lasers can 

  • Preven blood vessels to form solid clots 
  • Cut and remove diseased tissue 
  • Sterilize the area. 
  • Kill germs and bacteria. 


Lasers work by making an energy change in atoms. The laser light causes atoms to transition from their current resting state to an excited state. As a result, the bits produce energy known as spontaneous emission. According to cosmetic dentistry in Houston, when atoms return to their resting state, they emit the particles of light called photons. It is a process that provides the needed energy to perform certain functions, such as cutting a tissue without using the blade. 

What is the process of laser gum surgery?

Here are the things you can expect from laser gum surgery 

  • The laser will remove unhealthy and inflammatory gum tissue from the pocket with focused light. It only eliminates unhealthy tissue.  A laser doesn't take away or harm good gum tissue. In addition, the laser kills disease-causing bacteria and germs in the periodontal pocket.
  • They will place the fiber optic tip of the laser at the top of the periodontal pocket. The laser is around three human hairs in diameter. 
  • Dental offices in Houston use sound waves to break up and remove tartar and plaque.
  • They set aside the laser once the pockets are cleaned of bacteria and damaged tissue. 
  • They again introduce the lasers into the pockets to deep clean the bottom and remove telltale debris.
  • The laser also sterilizes bone and tissue and stimulates the formation of blood clots. The blood clot speeds up the healing process and helps the gum tissue reattach to the tooth. It eliminates the requirement of stitches. 

How can you prepare for laser gum surgery?

  • Laser gum surgery does not require general anesthesia. Because just a local anesthetic is needed, there is no need to fast before the treatment.
  • Wear warm, comfy clothing. Surgical regions are frequently maintained cold to prevent bacterial growth in the surrounding environment.
  • Remove any nose rings or tongue piercings you may have.
  • Do not tie your hair in a ponytail or bun if you have long hair. Your head will be lying against the chair for several hours, and a ponytail or bun may cause discomfort.


We hope the above-given information can help you learn some valuable and informative things about laser gum surgery. The above article focuses on various important aspects, factors, and details regarding the laser gum procedure. For further information regarding laser gum surgery, please visit

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