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What You Know About Root Canal Treatment, And Why Is It Needed? Jun 20, 2022

According to urban dental Houston, a root canal is a dental procedure that eliminates the discomfort associated with an infected or abscessed tooth. They remove the inflammatory pulp during the root canal procedure. After that, they clean and sterilize the interior surfaces of the tooth and insert a filling to close the gap. Bacteria can sometimes get into a tooth's pulp and create an infection. We need root canal therapy to save the tooth when It happens. 


They clean the infected pulp and seal the tooth during the operation to avoid reinfection. The root canal Houston tx therapy is essential when the oral bacteria invade the pulp inside your tooth. It generally happens when a cavity is left untreated for a long time. If your tooth is damaged or cracks due to trauma, it can also occur.

What signs or symptoms show you may require root canal treatment? 

In some cases, people won't notice the infected tooth. However, many people notice sure signs and symptoms that our body shows when it needs dental help. Signs and symptoms that indicate you need root canal treatment include

  • Sensitive teeth to hot and cold substances, If you feel a tingling sensation or pain, you eat or drink something hot and cold. It could be an early sign that you need root canal treatment. If the sensitivity or pain lingers for more than a few seconds, you should get treatment.  


  • Tooth pain doesn't subside. A variety of dental issues cause tooth discomfort. You may need root canal therapy if you feel discomfort and aching pain deep in your tooth. You may experience pain in your jaw, face, or other teeth.

  • You can get a pimple or a boil on your gums. According to 24 hour emergency dentist Houston, the pimple may drain pus or infected pulp from the infected tooth, leaving an unpleasant taste or odor.

  • Swollen gums: When a tooth or teeth becomes infected, pus builds up around it. It can cause Gums that are puffy, inflamed, or sensitive.

  • Swollen jaw: usually, pus or infected pulp does not discharge from the wound. As a result, your jaw may swell visibly. A variety of dental issues cause tooth discomfort. You may need root canal therapy if you feel discomfort and pain deep within your tooth. You may experience discomfort in your jaw, face, or other teeth.

Other symptoms may include- 

  • When you chew or touch your tooth. According to Dentists open, on Saturday in Houston, when you touch your tooth or chew, you may experience pain because it injures the nerves surrounding the pulp.

  • Tooth discoloration happens when the infected pulp in the tooth becomes infected, resulting in a darker appearance. It happens due to a lack of supply of blood to the tooth.

  • Loose tooth. An infected tooth may feel loose. It is due to the pus from the infected pulp, which can soften the bone that gives support to the tooth.  

  • Cracked or chipped tooth. According to Root canal costs in Houston, a cracked or chipped tooth, If your tooth cracked or chipped due to an accident when playing sports or biting on a hard substance. Bacteria can reach into the tooth pulp. 


We hope the above-given information helps you understand valuable and beneficial details about root canal treatment. The above article discusses the symptoms that show you require root canal treatment. For a deeper dive into root canal treatment, please check out 

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